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Our clients’ success stories

Audience growth over 3 months


Manufacturing enterprise "Metem" metembeton.ru

Before: 3819
After: 34134

Audience growth over 3 months


Furniture Factory "victoria" victoriamebel.ru

Before: 219
After: 9650

Audience growth over 3 months


Company group "Termokapital" termokapital.ru

Before: 201
After: 1659

Audience growth over 3 months


Fashion clothes wholesale Brandseller.ru

Before: 235
After: 6415

Audience growth over 3 months


Copmpany group "Flexi" f58.ru

Before: 976
After: 6232

Audience growth over 3 months


Bologovsky Valve Plant bolarm.ru

Before: 938
After: 6582

Audience growth over 6 months


Luxury silver shop "Gallery UM" 6697777.ru

Before: 269
After: 2294

Why clients choose us

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    Increase site selling abilities

    We increase the conversion of visitors into customers, so that we improve the site selling abilities from the very beginning of our work on the promotion.

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    satisfied customers

    Over 16 years, we have increased their sales, improved their sites, and increased awareness in the Internet of more than 3,000 customers.

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    Your personal SEO-expert
    in our company

    You will have your own personal manager who is highly competent in SEO, who can help and answer any of your questions.

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    24/7 access
    to seotech statistics

    Seotech system analyzes your site, giving us tips on promotion, and provides you with statistics on the results of our work.

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    You always see
    the final price

    The proposal always has the final price, as your site improvements and the creating of SEO-texts are already included in the monthly cost of promotion.

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    By entering into a contract with us, you always have the financial guarantees laid down in the contract. Their meaning is simple - the cost of promotion depends on the achieved results.

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    16 years
    of our client success

    We have increased the sales of our clients since 1999, and we are one of the first companies in Russia to provide SEO Services.

Plans & pricing

Business growth
Market leader
Top Forbs
Cost from $650 Business growth 650 USD from $950 from $1250
Number of promoted keywords Up to 120 Up to 250 Unlimited
Usability audit 5 pages
10 pages
All pages
Creating optimized texts (monthly) Up to 15 000
Up to 25 000
Up to 30 000
Web-development hours (monthly) Up to 5 hours Up to 8 hours Up to 16 hours
Monthly budget for the development of external factors Up to $40 Up to $80 Up to $120
Audit of selling abilities site + recommendations
Monthly improved behavioral factors
Financial guarantees, KPI, prescribed in the specifications to the contract
Access to the online system for results statistics of promotion seotech.net
Monthly report on the results of promotion
Monthly complex works on search engine promotion

Our clients

  • Елена Букреева

    Marketing specialist of VeloksStroiConsaltingElena Bukreevaveloxstroyconsulting.ru

    In just two months of website promotion, the audience of veloxstroyconsulting.ru has grown by 2 times (256%)! Seo.ru specialists managed to promote 63 keywords in the Yandex Top 10 and 28 keywords in Google Top 10, half of which were in first place. In total, customers come to our site via 500 different search phrases.

  • Андрей Бурдасов

    "Victoria" head of marketingAndrey Burdasovvictoriamebel.ru

    We are very pleased with SEO.RU’s work. Thanks to the professional work of the SEO.RU experts, the audience of our site, victoriamebel.ru, has increased by 4306% in three months!

  • Екатерина Усольцева

    Advertising Manager, “BAZ”, LLCEkaterina Usoltsevabolarm.ru

    We started working with SEO.RU five years ago and are very happy with the result, in particular, the effectiveness and coherence of their work process. They have clear terms of performance, defined objectives, monthly reports, a competent consulting manager - all which makes the process of promoting our website transparent.

  • Антуфьев Борис Викторович

    CEO of "Ras", LLCBoris Antuf'evobuv-ras.ru

    The valuable cooperation we have with SEO.RU has resulted in noticeable improvements for our site, obuv-ras.ru – attendance and sales are growing by the day. More than 28,000 visitors per month and more than 75% of our targeted keywords are in Yandex and Google’s Top 10.

  • Авдюшев

    CEO of "Tekarte", LLCV. Avdushevtekarte.ru

    Especially, I want to emphasize the quality of our companies’ partnership in over eight years of working together. Timely and well-done site development and support allow our organization to face our challenges confidently and focus on our work. So we are ready for further collaboration with SEO.RU.

  • Белов

    CEO of "Targit", LLCD. Belovvizakit.com

    Despite the volatile conditions caused by variations in the algorithms of search engines and other adverse behavior, SEO.RU has proven that even in difficult situations, you can not only promote the site to the top of a search engine in a relatively short period of time (just 2.5 months), but also retain the achieved position.

  • Чеверда

    CEO of "Merlin-Pro"D. Cheverdamerlin-project.ru

    Design and engineering company "Merlin Project" expresses its deep gratitude to the specialists of SEO.RU for the performance of services in optimization and promotion for our site www.merlin-project.ru. Their individual approach to customers, understanding their requirements and wishes, rapid problem-solving and high efficiency provide an indication of the professionalism of the SEO.RU team. SEO.RU’s team is always responsive to our requests and fulfills the work on time.

  • Солодовников

    CEO of "The first GATEP", LLCA. Solodovnikovsolis-auto.ru

    Many thanks SEO.RU for your prompt promotion of our website, www.solis-auto.ru, to its leading position in the search engines. By showing that they can be trusted, I have given them a new task of promoting another site.

About the Company

Since 1999, our company has increased our customers’ sales via SEO and increased site conversions.

7000 запросов в ТОП10

7000 keywords in TOP 10

Keeping the 7000 keywords of our customers in the Yandex and Google top 10, 42.6% medium, and 12.4% of high frequency.

3000 клиентов нам доверили свои сайты

3,000 customers have entrusted us with their sites

Across the 16 years, the company has worked with more than 3,000 customers, increased sales, improved their sites and increased awareness of the Internet.

Мы в топе независимого рейтинга Seorate.ru

We are in the top of the independent rankings Seorate.ru

Seo.ru is in the top of the most authoritative and independent seo-ranking sites of our country, which ranks companies according to the website's visibility and based on keywords related to seo-promotion.

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